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Gain Accountability, Expertise and Momentum.

Advisory boards for busy leaders

The big decisions have been on your shoulders. Until now.

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. When you’re looking to move your business forward, TAB’s got your back.

TAB Advisory Boards (also known as peer advisory boards, business owner advisory boards, or mastermind groups) offer you a local, close-knit group of experienced peers from a range of non-competing industries. Together, you’ll share knowledge, expertise and accountability — exactly the insight, feedback and inspiration you need to take your business to the next level. Your board gives you a trusted, experienced community of 8-10 high-performing CEOs and business owners who’ve faced similar situations.

People Who

  • Speak honestly and openly in a confidential environment
  • Ask tough questions and challenge you to stay accountable
  • Push you to act on things you might put off
  • Encourage you to outperform your goals
  • Offer diverse perspectives you won’t get anywhere else
  • Connect you with valuable resources

Earn more. Work less.

Download 19 Reasons You Need a Business Advisory Board

“After joining TAB, I’m able to leave work at a time that my daughter is still awake. That’s something I couldn’t have imagined doing before TAB because work was my life. We’ve been able to grow really significantly – more than 300%! That’s not a growth pace that normally you’d be able to control. But I’ve been able to do it without really sacrificing, and, in fact, improving my family life. I have a better run business, a better family life, and that’s really attributable to my decision to join TAB.”

Jerry Su
Teamson Design Corp – Brentwood, NY USA

TAB Board Membership Helps You Improve Your Business and Change Your Life.

Let go of feeling isolated and alone.

Avoid being overwhelmed by the issues you face in your business with a group of supportive and like-minded entrepreneurial advisors.

Maintain momentum with accountability.

Your TAB Board and coach will provide the accountability necessary to move forward with both your short-term and long-term strategies.

Gain strategic clarity.

Take your business to the next level by working ON your business rather than IN your business. You’ll be able to enjoy profits and weekends again.

Get trusted, valuable feedback.

Your board can help identify which issues are holding you back or brainstorm ways to get obstacles out of your path.

Confidently achieve your business goals.

Identify opportunities and navigate potential pitfalls. Your Board will act as a sounding board to identify the pros and cons of the options ahead.

Avoid missteps and get practical solutions.

Your peers will have made (or witnessed) plenty of the usual business missteps, and they’ll be happy to share their stories to help you learn.

Make better, faster decisions.

Different perspectives from fellow TAB members will broaden your thinking and help you make more effective decisions.

Live the life you’ve been working for.

Sift through how to best manage your time to maximize returns and achieve both your personal and your professional vision.

Over 92% of Members would recommend TAB to other business owners.

Lead Better. Live Better. Achieve More.

Our members describe The Alternative Board as life-changing. They say they’ve never understood what was missing until they found TAB. You’ve succeeded and survived alone, but with TAB, you and your business will thrive.

Monthly Half-day Meetings

  • 8-10 business owners in non-competing industries
  • Facilitated by a trained TAB Coach
  • Each member gives an update and presents challenges or opportunities
  • Board asks clarifying questions and offers advice, feedback, suggestions or strategies
  • Members commit to action they will report back on at the next meeting

One-on-one Coaching

  • Monthly meeting with your TAB Coach
  • Safe space to work through leadership challenges
  • Focused time to develop strategic plan, goals, KPIs
  • Individual support in aligning your personal and business visions
  • Help with identifying a challenge or opportunity to discuss at next TAB board meeting

24/7 Access to Strategic Tools

  • TAB’s Business Builders’ Blueprint™ is a powerful strategic tool to help build your business and track progress
  • Develop robust personal and business vision, SWOT analysis, strategic plan and goals
  • Compare business priorities vs. focus
  • TAB Connect – Ask questions, get feedback and collaborate with other successful leaders around the world

“TAB has had an enormous effect on the success of our business. Our business has grown tenfold since I’ve been involved in my TAB Board. To be able to open up to people and have them reciprocate and share the depth of our issues and things that are going on in our businesses, has just been fantastic. I'm a lot more confident in the operation of our business, in my management philosophy, in my willingness to take risks – in the types of things that really make you an effective business leader.”

Doug Simons
Enstrom Candies – Grand Junction, CO USA

Shared Wisdom –
Bottom Line Success

For over 30 years, The Alternative Board has cultivated a thriving community of motivated CEOs and business owners who share an expertise and passion to radically improve their companies.

TAB Board Member revenue growth outperforms national average by:

2.5x Revenue Growth

“My TAB Board is very good at asking me the questions I don’t want to answer! It’s always interesting to hear their advice as it gives me new ideas for handling challenges that I have. The fact that my fellow Members are helping me work on my business each month reignites my enthusiasm and keeps things fresh.”

Kirsty Davies-Chinnock
Professional Polishing Services Ltd – West Midlands, England UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify to join a TAB Board?
Our members are business owners and leaders of companies who have been leading businesses for 4 or more years, with 4 or more full time employees. When you apply to become a TAB Member you will be matched to a board that best suits your level of business experience.
How will people from other industries be able to understand my unique business and help me with challenges and opportunities?
All businesses are unique in some way or another. We all face the same major issues with personnel, outside factors like changing economy and government regulations, sales, marketing, day to day operations management and initiating change in our organizations. The advantage of working with fellow business owners and leaders from diverse backgrounds is the ability to hear new perspectives and different ways to handle the same situation from real world experience, which you may not have considered previously. You will also get the opportunity to help others, by offering your perspective and advice.
Who leads each meeting?
Your TAB Virtual Board will be led by a TAB Certified Facilitator Coach. Your Facilitator has a wide array of professional expertise, and are also business owners. They have been trained to lead and facilitate business owner advisory boards, helping to draw out issues and facilitate clarifying questions, suggestions, ideas and advice. They are also TAB certified business coaches who help businesses, just like yours, achieve personal and business success using TAB’s proprietary methodology, proven systems and state of the art tools.
How many Members are in each group?
TAB’s Virtual Boards are very exclusive and intimate in size with up to 8 members on each board. This ensures ample time is provided at each meeting to each and every board member to address issues and opportunities, discuss progress and solicit advice and suggestions from fellow board members.
How do you select who a joins a group?
Shaping the membership of each virtual board is one of the key roles of your TAB Facilitator Coach and is taken very seriously. TAB Board Members are hand selected based on their business experience and their ability to contribute to the group. Every board is different, with its own group dynamic and we take great care to ensure that new members represent the right ‘fit’ with existing members. Each new member is interviewed by a TAB certified Facilitator Coach with the aim of understanding why they expressed interest in joining and what they would like to achieve from their TAB membership. We also discuss personal and professional interests, background and experience, and most importantly challenges and achievements.
Could a competitor join my group?
The simple answer is NO. We have a comprehensive assessment and placement processes which makes sure you do not join a group where potential competitors are already working. Part of our screening process, is to allow existing members to deny new members from joining their group where a conflict of interest exists. This will guarantee no competitors join a group.
Where and when are the meetings held?
Regular dates and times for both your board meeting and business coaching will be discussed with you should you be selected to join.
How long do I have to be a Member of the Board?
TAB members stay for years with their boards (current average membership tenure is 4.7 years!). We ask that you commit to at least 12 board meetings. TAB is confident that you will receive value from your membership. There are no binding contracts, and you will be billed your membership dues monthly. If at any time you need to leave the board, we ask that you provide 30-days written notice.
Who determines what is discussed in The Boardroom meeting?
Your TAB Facilitator Coach helps each board member prepare their issue or opportunity for each board meeting. This helps make sure the discussions are always high level.
What if I’m unable to attend a meeting?
Although our members make it a priority to attend their monthly meetings, urgent issues do arise from time to time. If you are unable to attend a board meeting, you need to let your TAB Facilitator Coach know. Your seat is held for you, with the expectation that you are able to attend 80% of all board meetings.
What is expected of me as a member of a TAB Board?

TAB members choose us because we provide them with an incredibly supportive, caring, yet challenging community of like-minded individuals. To continuously strengthen this environment for each of our members to grow, all members are expected to:

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Attend and participate at monthly meetings
  • Share their wisdom and experience to other members
  • Connect with your Facilitator Coach for a monthly coaching call between meetings
What happens during the monthly business coaching call?
Your monthly coaching call with your TAB Facilitator coach focuses on commitments made at the last board meeting, a 90-day goal that you set and commit to with your coach and building the strategic foundations of your business using TAB’s Business Builders’ Blueprint. They are designed to provide ongoing support, where you can ask for further guidance and resources to achieve your goals and objectives. The call will adjust to your pressing needs, issues or challenges that you want to discuss with your coach.
“At our Board Meetings we discuss the issues we are dealing with. All of us have different issues at different times and have tried different things to overcome them, and I’m finding ‘pearls’ every time we gather around the Boardroom table. These people have no other agenda, just my best interest and the best interest of my business, and that is priceless.”

Robyn Lonsdale Temple Water Technologies Limited – Auckland, NZ

“By attending Board Meetings you learn a lot about your own business. You also learn a lot about yourself, especially from different perspectives. I’ve learned to take my time and not to rush things. Things take time. I now make sure that I know exactly what the client wants and the best way to do it. I ensure that I understand all of the products and all of the people involved.”

Lee Dewerson Safe N Sound Limited – Auckland, NZ USA

“TAB holds me accountable, while also reminding me that no matter how much you think you know, you can’t know everything. It’s extremely helpful to get insights and feedback from others who have nothing to do with your business, but who have considerable experience and wisdom of their own.”

Tom Wechsler Wechsler Consulting and Engineering – Atlanta, GA USA

“My working life before TAB was extremely challenging and often pretty lonely. It's often obvious what needs to be done in a business, but TAB gives you the confidence, support, and momentum to take action. The monthly meetings challenge you. I'd have no hesitation in recommending TAB. It has changed my working life – which in turn has made me a happier person.”

Anna-Marie Eardley Waterloo Quay Properties – Aberdeen, Scotland UK

“I couldn’t see how someone outside my sector could advise me – but I was wrong! There are often conflicting views and perspectives and it’s important to get a rich tapestry of ideas and advice. My fellow TAB Board Members are from very different businesses, but that just adds to the richness and quality of feedback.”

Rob Sandbach Indiespring – Manchester, England UK